Chin-Ups: Chins from the Chinless – Part 1

Chin-Ups: Chins from the Chinless – Part 1

This is the one exercise which lots of people hate. They hate it because they can’t do it well, or because they can’t get to that magic number of 10+ reps (which we can usually achieve on things like body weight weighted squats or push ups).


I understand the pain of failure and how that makes us not want to try, as much as I understand success and how that makes you remain in pursuit.

So to help with your chin up success, I have reviewed our Phase One Programming Protocol at The Results Room and applied the theories to my own goal; ‘A One Arm Chin-Up.’

Unfortunately I currently 1 Arm Chin up like Sanka on Cool Runnings.

So I have literally started at the bottom: Zero Chins, little relative strength, and 87kgs of body weight to shift.

If you share the Triple ‘000’ ability to do a Chin up like me, then the first place to start is here…

The 1st Progression – This is the very first exercise we get all clients to do at The Results Room when performing the chin-up for the first time. The First Progression is…

A Rack Chin…. Two feet on the ground, hanging vertically under the bar, then pulling yourself up to the bar by using your arms with as little assistance from your legs as possible. Really squeeze and hold your chest at the top of the movement to encourage full use of the muscles around the scapula.


I started my journey to a one arm chin on the 08th of February 2016, so that I could encourage non-chinners to progress as quickly as possible by methods which I felt work best. I started this journey doing…

1 arm Rack Chins for 6 repetitions.

I was able to do 4 secs max flexion hold at pretty much 179 deg elbow flexion.

1 Arm Lat Pulldown 50kg for 6 reps each arm.

For those on the journey to a single Chin up with me, take note of your personal Two Arm…

  • Max Flex Hold (time and degree of elbow) Use an under-hand Chin up Grip
  • Rack Chin ability (in terms of reps achieved) Under-hand Chin up grip
  • Lat Pulldown (weight and reps) Again Under-hand Chin up grip

This is our baseline. Any progress we make from now is to be expected, but even still, to be celebrated.

I want us to prove the system right. And to make ‘Chins Out of The Chinless.’

See how long we take. 😉

Week 1 prescription – What I’m Following this week.

  1. Max Flex Holds – 5 secs x 3-4 sets
  2. Rack Chins – 5 reps x 3-4 sets
  3. Lat Pulldown – 5RM x 3-4 sets

The main focus this week is to increase volume and time under tension. Basically, do more chin-ups for longer this week, than ever.

Aim to train Two or Three times a week – as your recovery allows.

Go On You Chinners!! Tune in next week to see my progress and the next steps to increase yours…. Remember…..