Body Recomposition

Body Recomp

From $75 per week with a minimum 12 week commitment

Body Recomp is a premium service for those who want a dramatic transformation in the shortest possible time. Based on the principles used by physique athletes when training and dieting for a competition those that follow the program can experience amazing results in terms of fat loss, muscle gain and muscle definition.

Under the guidance of Richie Milne, qualified personal trainer and INBA physique pro athlete, a step by step training and nutrition plan based on your gender, body type and specific goals is outlined along with bi-weekly consultations to assess progress.

Body Recomp can help fast track you to achieve the results you are after. A minimum 12 week commitment is essential.

For more information please complete the form below and Richie will get in touch with you to explain the process and service offering in more detail.

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