CrossFit (Functional Fitness)

Build strength, speed, mobility, core stability, cardio and reduce bodyfat in a programmed session under the guidance of an experienced CrossFit coach. A super efficient way to work on all aspects of fitness and become a better human.


Yoga helps encourage proper breathing, calms the mind, reduces stress and anxiety, aligns muscles and bones, increases flexibility of the spine, strengthens bones and stimulates the circulatory and immune systems.

Personal Training & Semi-Private Coaching

For those who want the best results possible. Individualised programs and coached sessions. Specific programs and assessments tailored according to your fitness goals.

24 Hour Access

Train when you like without having to worry about opening hours. Want to train on Christmas Day? Guess what? You can!

Body Recomposition

Body composition transformation using the Recomp System aligning tailored nutrition with a goal specific strength training programming.


CrossFit Skill

Our intensive express class CrossFit Skill centres on a new movement each week – with all four timetabled sessions per week focused on learning and/or perfecting the one mono-structural/Olympic movement, eg. muscle ups, pistol squats, handstand push ups, clean and jerk, snatch etc. All classes will be scaleable depending on level from beginner to advanced.