CrossFit (Functional Fitness)

Build strength, speed, mobility, core stability, cardio and reduce bodyfat in a programmed session under the guidance of an experienced CrossFit coach. A super efficient way to work on all aspects of fitness and become a better human.


Mobility work with a focus on core strength and stretching in addition to increasing Range of Motion (ROM).


These boxing sessions are programmed to suit all experience levels and encompass a wide range of components including boxing, kick boxing, body weight exercises and drills.

Personal Training & Semi-Private Coaching

For those who want the best results possible. Individualised programs and coached sessions. Specific programs and assessments tailored according to your fitness goals.

24 Hour Access

Train when you like without having to worry about opening hours. Want to train on Christmas Day? Guess what? You can!

Body Recomposition

Body composition transformation using the Recomp System Aligning and tailored nutrition with goal specific strength training programming.


Olympic Weightlifting

Learn and perfect the fine art of the snatch and clean & jerk along with accessory lifts like presses, squats, pulls and RDLs. Increase strength, co-ordination, flexibility, speed and power with the ultimate in functional movements. This is designed to be a technical skill based class suitable for beginners to intermediate lifters.