Tips For The Right Workout Clothes

Tips For The Right Workout Clothes

workout-transWith all the technologically advanced workout clothing out there to confuse us, you may think it’s easier to pull on an old pair of shorts and a t-shirt for your workout. But not dressing appropriately can be the difference between a great workout and feeling uncomfortable for the duration, a sure-fire way to put you off exercising altogether.

Did you know wearing the right workout clothes can actually be motivating and make you more likely to exercise?

When purchasing a workout wardrobe think about what type of exercise you do most frequently. If you love exercising outdoors, then you’ll need to think about the different seasons, and purchase items that layer easily. Always try on items before you buy, and do a few moves in the dressing room to see how they feel. If budget is an issue, shop at off-season sales for the best buys.


IMG_3902A good run involves working up a decent sweat but a cotton t-shirt isn’t the best type of clothing to wear. In summer, damp cotton fabric prevents your body from cooling down properly, and in winter, a wet and clinging t-shirt makes you feel chilled and can cause skin irritation. The same goes for cotton socks which can cause blisters.

Polyester or lycra blends, known as performance fabrics, are best for runners. They may cost a bit more, but they’re designed to pull sweat away from the body which is what you need.

Running gear should allow some movement but not be so tight that you can’t get into your stride, while clothing that’s too baggy will be a hinder. So overall, a performance fabric t-shirt or tank top and comfortable fitted leggings is what you’ll need for running. Consider a fleece for winter and a nylon windbreaker for running outdoors in windy or rainy weather. Women will need a quality sports bra that fits well. Good running shoes with shock absorbers are also a must.


Avoid baggy gear when you’re working out with weights, you don’t want any clothing thaSavet will snag or hamper your full range of motion. Form-fitting workout clothes will enable you to lunge and lift, plus check alignment and posture. Moving with freedom is essential when lifting weights, as well as wearing fabrics that will wick moisture away from the skin and allow your body to cool down.


Yoga is an activity that calls for a lot of movement, so you’ll need stretchy, pliable ankle length yoga pants that aren’t too thin or too tight, so you can stretch and bend with confidence. Practice a few bends and squats in the dressing room, if the waistband or crotch feels at all constrictive then they are too tight. You’ll also need a sports bra and form fitting t.shirt or tank top that won’t ride up if you happen to do the downward dog.