CrossFit Open Workout

We will be running the CrossFit Opens on Friday nights for the next 5 weeks.
For anyone who is still unclear as to what the Opens are, it is an online CrossFit competition that involves completing 5 workouts (metcons) over 5 weeks. Generally, the workouts range from 7-20 mins and will involve a range of movements that we practise on a regular basis. The workouts have both an RX and a scaled option. If you are scared, nervous or don’t think you are even capable of the scaled versions, we can always scale further so that you have a workout that is a perfect made for you.
An opportunity to complete the workout for each week will be held on Friday nights at 5.30pm. This event is not an official class but I aim to run it as organised and as structured as possible. I will go over movement standards, scaling options, possible game plans, scoring and of course, run the workout itself.

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