Theresa Hennant

So this week I met a few members for the first time , and one of you went home and said to your wife ” who is that woman?” Lol . So I thought maybe I would give you the Theresa story so you guys have an idea of my fitness back ground and why I love what I do , I think it’s really important to have trust in your trainer and to build trust you need the good the bad and the ugly .. kidding ok here goes Theresa’s story ….

I am 37 years young single mother of 3 children Charlotte 10 , Jet and Taj 8. ( twins boys 😱)

I unfortunately am one of those people who can put on 5kgs from watching someone else eat . I have always struggled with my weight from my teen years . I have been very over weight I stopped weighing myself when I saw 100kg’s on the scales .
So after giving birth to the twins at age 29 , I remember sitting there thinking I have 2 newborns and a 2 year old , I am very over weight and very unhealthy, how can I be their for my kids if I don’t have my health . At the age of 16 I lost my mother to lung cancer (she never smoked) she also always struggled with her weight , her health and stress, cancers best friend for breeding she was 34 when she passed, way to young. I wanted to control what I could with my health and give myself the best chance of making sure I was strong and healthy for my children . So in that moment I turned my life around , no diets, a complete lifestyle change , finding out I had dairy and wheat intolerant children I learnt healthier ways of cooking , I made everything from scratch , I dragged myself and my children to the gym 4 times a week , sometimes it was a work out just getting there, some times it was after sleepless nights, But I was determined to be the healthiest version of me I could be . I went from not being able to run on a treadmill for 1 minute at a time to 5km’s to 10kms to a half marathon. That turned into triathlon’s . I had lost give or take 45kgs . My food choices had changed , let me tell you it wasn’t easy, geez people give you hell when you want to eat healthy. I heard continuous comments, but I stayed true to myself to my goals and to raising my children learning food does not come out of a box!

It was then I decided to turn my passion into my career , I wanted to empower other women to take control of their health and how to manage stress through exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Oh yeah men too of course 😉 I built up my own business and worked from home , weight loss being my strength . From that I went to Crossfit and coached trained and competed for 4 years . Still working from home as well . About 6months ago after multiple injuries I took a step back from my crazy training programme and made exercise fun again and not about competition . I did love to compete I truly did but one day I woke up and decided I was done with the pressure. I love nothing more than seeing the most ridiculous work out on the board , thinking how the hell am I going to do that, but push myself through because I know on the other side of that pain is a building block of strength , mental strength and physical strength. They work hand in hand when you build physical strength you build mental strength , you create belief in yourself !
I have a rule in my house “I can’t is a swear word” , some of you may have heard me say it .
I tell my kids , you may not be able to right now ,it might be hard, but you can try , and you can work at it, and there are always options, and you will see you really can .
Like everyone else I fall over and I might quit for a moment but from all those building blocks of strength I worked for I learn’t I know my wall is strong.
I love working with people , I love pushing people outside of their comfort zone so they can see what they are truly capable of, I love helping people achieve their goals .
I also love food , I love eating and I love cooking , and I love passing on my knowledge of what has worked for me and how I have managed to maintain my weight give or take 10kgs depending on training of choice for the past 8 years.
I think I have been at The results Room for nearly 3 months now and I can tell you I honestly love it , I have learnt so much and you guys are a great bunch of people . Anyway there’s me the good the bad and the ugly 😉
Cheers Tee