Semi Private Coaching

From $59 per week

Semi Private Coaching Sessions are made up of 6-8 people working on personalized exercise programs, supervised by one personal trainer.

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What are the benefits?

Increased results! This has been noted due to the increased accountability and social support within the small group environment. This social support is a vital factor for people during the fat loss process.

Reduced costs! The cost of semi private coaching compared to “One one One” personal training is significantly reduced as it is shared between the small groups. It also creates a wider community within the gym itself!!

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it a generic program? NO!! Each individual is given a personalized routine to suit his or her profile (the individual profile is identified during the screening process).

Do you lose the one on one attention? Not necessarily. If the person is focused on training when they are in the gym, there is generally not a lot of time for chit chat; coaching technique will always be the primary concern of the trainer and therefore if one of the participants is doing a more complex exercise they will require more attention at that time.

Is it the clients’ responsibility to fill the groups? No!! If you happen to be in a time slot that has not been completely filled you will get a lot more attention while the times are being filled.