We are now open 24 hours a day!

We are now open 24 hours a day!

We are proud to announce that The Results Room is now open for 24 hours a day!

We appreciate that within our society there are any number of different schedules that people stick to. Whether it’s unpredictable shift work, a complicated family schedule with various before and after school events, or your typical 9-5 job, finding a suitable time to fit in some exercise can be really tough, especially if you are limited to typical opening hours at a gym or by the diminishing daylight hours as we enter into winter. Trying to fit your schedule around someone else’s can be frustrating, and the last thing you want to do is give up on exercise completely, so we made it a priority to accommodate our friends with atypical schedules by extending our opening hours.

The benefit of having such flexibility does not just apply to people with unusual schedules though, it can apply to anyone as it lets you:

Optimise your energy

Some people are night owls, and others larks, so having 24 hour access means you can get the most out of your natural energy cycle by choosing a workout time that is just right for you. Beats having a lackluster session if you’re forcing yourself to come in at a time when you’re not at your best!

Never miss out

Having 24 hour gym access also means that if you get stuck in traffic or stay late at work, you don’t have to worry about rushing into the gym before they close (and that you can’t use that excuse anymore to skip a workout!).

Choose the right environment

Love the vibrant, community feeling when hitting the gym at peak hour? Or do you prefer solitude in order to focus on what you’re doing? Having 24 hour access means you can also choose the kind of environment that you want to engage in.

Overall, staying fit and healthy shouldn’t stress you out, it’s there to do the opposite! So relax and know that you can now fit exercise into your schedule exactly how you want to.