Teens Classes at Mansfield

Is Your Child:

 Lacking  in self-confidence or self esteem?

 Spending too much time in front of technology?

 Un-coordinated or suffering from low tone?

 Interested in gymnastics or Calisthenics?

 Or just need to be more active and have fun!

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Classes in Action!


My name is Peta Dempster and I’m a qualified personal trainer and pre-service teacher. Every child that I have had in my programs has one thing in common; they doubt their ability and potential. However with support, encouragement and belief in their abilities, they surprise themselves.


This surprise creates a spiral effect and by the end of the program, these kids have literally transformed into different people. Not only are they fitter, stronger, more coordinated and are able to perform a range of new skills, they are also much more confident!

Teens Classes