Neuromuscular Activation Exercises (Glutes)

Neuromuscular Activation Exercises (Glutes)


Glutes are commonly underused in the general population, due to sitting down for long periods of time at work. Common problems we see are weak/inactive glutes, tight hamstrings and tight hips. It is an advantage to make sure muscles are activated or ‘turned on’ before your workout.


Activation exercises are a great way to get the blood flowing during your warm up/prep.


Did you know they also assist in teaching your body neuromuscular activation patterns used during your gym sessions and sport performance?


Using bands to assist your warm up and activate your glutes to make sure they are firing in the correct sequence will make a huge difference to performance.


Glutes the biggest and most important muscle you can train for sport and lifting, they are the first to fire and biggest part of the posterior chain, so get activating!


My go to activation exercises that I include in warm ups are:


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I am a 27 year old and strength and conditioning coach originally hailing from the Hunter Valley, NSW. I have been involved with sport my whole life ranging from soccer, football, triathlon, snowboarding, free/scuba diving and track and field. In 2010, I started studying a bachelor of Exercise and Sport science at the University of Newcastle. Around the same time I began working for a major sport events company in Newcastle, organising fun runs, triathlons and community events, with some of the events attracting over 10,000 competitors. It was here that I got a real insight into the satisfaction people were getting by achieving their training goals, whether it was competing to win, make a new distance or to run a PB. During my degree I had the opportunity to work with the A-league football team, the Newcastle Jets, where I ended up spending 18 months in the high performance team. In 2010, I began competing in the Professional Athletics Series throughout Australia and have been hooked on it ever since. This addiction has led to twice making the Stawell Gift final and winning The Stawell Gift 200m in 2014. I have always been interested in furthering my knowledge, currently studying a Masters of Strength and Conditioning by correspondence at Edith Cowan University. Over the last five years I have had a broad range of experiences within the sport science field that have brought me to the realisation that I enjoy and get profound satisfaction from training people of all ages and levels to achieve their goals. Most recently I have been training junior track sprinters, who have achieved some very exciting results, with many medals at a local state and national level. In the last season our squad totalled close to $40,000 in prize money from the professional racing circuit.