Why do we need to detoxify?

We all go through periods where we overindulge in fatty foods, alcohol, or other harmful substances. While our bodies are uniquely designed to get rid of excess toxins in the system, a little help now and then can make a big difference in your overall energy levels and health.

Detoxification is a process that allows harmful toxins to be eliminated by the body. Generally, the liver and intestines do a wonderful job of removing the extra toxins in the body by filtering out the things we need from those that we do not. The things we do not need, referred to as toxins, are eliminated by this filtration process and removed from the body through the urine and feces. Additionally, the lungs remove the impurities from the air we breathe, the kidneys get rid of excessive minerals and digestive byproducts, and the skin gets rid of some toxins by sweating.
There are times, however, when our organs become overwhelmed by large amounts of toxins. This is where natural detoxification processes can help the body return to a more balanced state by limiting the amount of external toxins that are introduced through the foods we eat.
Our bodies were once able to handle all of the detoxification needed to maintain our health. However, today’s increased focus on unhealthy eating habits, chemicals that are used in a large majority of our foods, beauty products, and even in our furniture, clothing, and carpeting, coupled with the generally fast pace with which we face every day can lead to a significant build up of toxins in our bodies. Sleep used to be the optimal time for our bodies to complete most of the detoxification needed, but our lifestyles no longer allow us to get the full 10 hours of sleep that this process needs. In fact, most people are only able to fit between 4 to 6 hours of sleep per night, which also creates other health issues as well.
Stress also plays a key role in the buildup of toxins. We often work excessive hours, followed by the stressors of family life. If we do take time for ourselves, it is usually in the form of overindulgence in unhealthy foods, or excessive drinking as a way to let go. All of these things result in overworked organs that just cannot keep up with the removal of all the toxins we are exposed to. When these toxins continue to build up without being completely eliminated, it results in a myriad of health issues that may be improperly diagnosed as being related to other illnesses.

Effects of Toxins in the Body

When toxins continue to build up in the body, it can result in a wide range of health problems. These problems can be minor, but they can also cause significant issues with your health, including:
• Fatigue
• Depression
• Headaches
• Thyroid Problems
• Weight Increases
• Pain
• Stress
• Problems Sleeping
• Digestive Issues
Most of these issues send us directly to the nearest doctor to get some relief. The unfortunate truth is, most doctors typically just prescribe some sort of pill to help ease the symptoms. While this may make us feel better temporarily, all it is really doing is masking the real problem – excess toxins in the body. In addition to these toxins, the medications also introduce their own, which further exacerbates the problem. When you use a detoxification process, you can help remove all of these harmful substances. This can allow many people to no longer need certain medications, simply because they have removed the things that were causing the issues in the first place.
It is important that you do not stop any medications you are currently taking if you follow a detoxification diet. You should work closely with your doctor to ensure that you do not cause any further health issues by stopping medications suddenly that your body has grown accustomed to. This can lead to significant health problems that can pose greater issues if they are not addressed properly.
Detoxification is also beneficial for losing weight as well, which is another serious health issue facing many people in society. Most of the same foods that are responsible for increasing the amount of toxins in our bodies are the same ones that result in obesity. When someone who is overweight begins a detoxification diet, they often find that they immediately begin losing weight as well, which helps relieve many of their symptoms.

Effects of Detox

When you undergo a detoxification, you are essentially helping your body’s natural filtration processes by providing the right foods and nutrients rather than the bad ones. You make a conscious effort to introduce healthy, beneficial foods into your body that are not filled with saturated fats, chemicals, sugar, and other substances that your body has to work to get rid of. This allows your organs to effectively remove the toxins that have been building up, since they are no longer trying to keep up with the steady flow of toxins being introduced on a daily basis. This results in a cleaner internal environment, which is responsible for the improvements that are experienced after going through detoxification.
When your body is able to start with a clean system, it also allows the organs to function much better than they have in quite some time. This further increases the beneficial effects of the detoxification process. If a healthier diet is followed after the detoxification diet, many people may find that they do not need to do any further detoxes, simply because they are no longer pumping their bodies full of processed foods that introduce harmful toxins to their systems.

Side Effects of Detoxification

It is important to remember that some people may experience some side effects that are less pleasant when undergoing a detoxification program. These side effects are due to the significant changes in your diet. Just as people undergoing detox programs for drugs experience withdrawal, those who are accustomed to high levels of sugar, caffeine, and other substances may experience similar symptoms as their bodies go through the initial shock of no longer having these substances every day. These can include:
• Headaches and Muscle Aches
• Constipation – From the added fiber
• Diarrhea
• Nausea
• Skin Rashes, Eruptions, Spots
• Drowsiness
• Anxiety
• Dizziness/Lightheadedness
• Appetite Loss
• Thirst
While these symptoms may be bothersome for the first few days, they will go away when your body grows accustomed to the healthier eating habits. If any of them continue beyond the first several days of the detoxification, you should check with your doctor to make sure they are truly from the detoxification, rather than an illness occurring at the same time.