Chin-Ups : Double Chins for the Win- Part 2

Thought to self this week:

“I need to add volume to my two arm chin ups in order to get a one arm chin up some time soon.”

I figured this because of my push ups… I’ve always been able to do 30-50 push ups in one set because I was always exposed to them and practiced them. Now I can do 2 one arm push ups in a row!!

The ugly truth with chin ups is that I’ve had limited practice in my life, and have rarely exceeded 10-15 chin ups in one set.

This tells me a couple of things… firstly, I will improve quickly because I am not an elite Chinner and secondly, I have a lot of regular chin ups ahead of me to perform (assuming the process to a Chin up is the same as to a Push up).

Second thought to self:

“The Chin up is all strength relative to body weight”

Looking at the body composition of a well-known one arm chinner; Frank Medrano, it is clear that he’s going to weigh less than me and lift a lot heavier things than me.

Looking like Frank Medrano is one step towards meeting my goal.

chris                           chinner

Actions from my Thoughts

I opted for extra Strength Circuit Training to get rid of my dead weight…

18minutes (or 15rounds)

3 Chin ups

3 Burpees

3 Squat Jumps

3 plyo Pushups

3 Ab wheel rollouts

3 Handstand rocks (like handstand walking but leaning against a wall)

After a full workout, I ended up with 45 Chin ups on top of my 24 Rack chins total. I was able to do a greater volume by lowering the reps. The Chin ups were some of the best feeling chins I’ve ever done. Full stretch and chest to bar with ease. 😉

Next week I plan to do a max two-arm chin up test to see if I am closer to a single arm chin up. With the expected fat loss and strength gains, I am hoping to punch out a personal best set of regular Chins.

  1. Check out my progress on the Lat Pulldown after two weeks:

60kg on the right hand for 2. The left hand could only manage 1 rep for 1 set J

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