About The Results Room Mansfield

The Results Room is an integrated multi- disciplinary health and fitness centre dedicated to delivering results to every individual that uses our services.

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We strive to achieve this through the highest quality training, remedial services, and an internal culture that inspires people to achieve above and beyond. This is done through a consistency of systems throughout our business from customer service to exercise programming. For example, each and every member is screened regularly for function, body composition, and physical fitness, allowing for constant feedback to the trainers and customers on their progress towards their goals.

Opened in January 2013, we attract customers with a desire to achieve results in their health and fitness, which is unseen in the mainstream fitness centers. All our staff uphold the core values of the business and are focused on delivering services that inspire and encourage Health and Wellbeing.

Our Vision

We will be Brisbane’s leaders in the health and fitness industry with a reputation for delivering results to a community of passionate, motivated, and like-minded individuals.

Our Mission

The Results Room is an industry leader known for its professional, results-driven community. We deliver on each individuals’ goals by educating and motivating them to create a positive change in their lives.

Our Core Values

INTEGRITY: “honesty and transparency”
DETERMINATION: “attitude determines destiny”
PASSION: “practice what we preach”
COMMUNITY: “real life connections everyday”
EDUCATION: “always learning and growing”
LEADERSHIP: “inspire others to believe”

The Results Room’s point of difference

Every customer is regularly screened and assessed in accordance with their health and fitness goals. The assessments we carry out are as follows:

1. Comprehensive client history (health, exercise, and nutrition)

2. Functional Movements Screen

3. Body composition Measurements (Body Fat Measurements)

4. Goal Related Physical Assessment (Strength testing, Endurance etc.) Every Individual is programmed specifically to their needs, training experience, and movement profile.