Whats in Deagan’s Gym Bag

Whats in Deagan’s Gym Bag

Whats-In-My-Gym-Bag-360x240Give yourself a hand if you have recently joined a gym or hired a qualified PT as you are now that one-step closer to reaching your fitness goals. Undoubtedly, you are more likely to TRAIN if you are locked into paying for it. Now that we have made it to the Gym, why not take full advantage of your time making the most out of your session! Believe it or not, the effectiveness of your workout can improve if you are rocking the right equipment and gear in that Gym Bag of yours. That’s right, a real excuse to shop (not that we needed any)!

But it’s true. Proper clothing, accessories and supplementation can keep you on track when looking to tone up and build lean muscle. Plus, they make the sweat session that much more enjoyable.

How you ask? Let’s face it, when you look good you feel good and for someone reason or, there is nothing like a new Lululemon racer back top to get you in the mood to train. When you are feeling on top of your game, your motivation and energy levels increase escalating your intensity to a whole new level. This has a ‘Round Robin’ effect, with endorphins being released during your workout amping up the excitement for the day making you more likely to want to train tomorrow.  Here’s our

TOP 10 Gym Bag Essentials to not only increase motivation to get to the gym, but to keep you on top of your game during your session and feeling fresh afterwards:

1. Heart Rate Monitor

Do you actually know how hard you are training? It’s important to make each session count by training at the right intensity. A heart rate monitor can tell you whether you are over or under training and give you evidence as to how much energy you are burning and therefore what is required for you to refuel! Not only will it keep you on par during your session but it will also assist you when deciding whether to have that iced coffee and muffin deal. My favorite monitor is the Polar heart rate monitor as its easy to use and, well, it comes in PINK.

Polar heart rate monitors start around $59 and up

2. Refuel Snack

It is important to eat regularly, specifically if you are training hard. You cannot go wrong with a portable, purse friendly high protein low carb bar. My favorite is the Body for Women by Bodyscience LoCarb Bar. It’s designed to make our hectic lives that little bit easier. The bar is a perfect snack with vitamins and fat metabolisers and NO artificial colors or flavors! No guilt!

Bodyscience LoCarb Bar. $4.50 per bar.

3. Deodorant

If you smell bad, you will be paranoid throughout the session and likely to refuse to do any overhead exercise. Finally, there is an all-natural certified organic cream deodorant that actually works! Check out Black Chicken Remedies, Axilla Deodorant Cream! Better yet, it is aluminium, alcohol and paraben free, vegan and cruelty free and ALL AUSTRALIAN. Not only are you doing right by your body and the environment but also your fellow gym goers will be thanking you!

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Cream, $16

4. Supportive Sports Bra

Don’t let your girls get out of control! A supportive Sports Bra will not only offer you security and comfort but also prevent gravity from doing too much damage! An all time favorite is the 2XY High Impact Support Bra. It’s got to be supportive if it’s made by sports specialists’ 2XU! This is a wire free and chafe free bra that has great control over the puppies even during high impact activities. With adjustable (and cushioned) shoulder straps, these bras are made to fit any size.

2XU High Impact Support Bra $100, www.2XU.com

5. Sneakers

Who doesn’t love their Nikes? They have become quite the fashion statement. However, do chose comfort and cushioning over style and ensure you are at least going for the lunar Eclipse which offers more support than the Free’s and are great for a wide range of training.

Nike Lunar Eclipse, $135

6. Water bottle

These Cheeki stainless steel protein shakers are way too cute! They contain the spring mixing ball so you aren’t drinking any lumps of pre-workout and come in a variety of designs! Best of all the lids are leak resistant and BPA Free!

Cheeki Water Bottles, www.cheeki.net.au/, $15+

7. Intra Workout

Now that you have your cute Cheeki shaker, you need to fill it up! Try Cyborg Sport’s Ultra Lean EAA and you will never go back! It’s the new scientifically engineered intra-workout supplement made from pure Instantised Essential Amino Acids. With no fat, no carbs, no lactose, no sugar and no dairy content it is perfect drink for everyone. The EAA’s have a 100% absorption rate providing maximum recovery and lean muscle gains.

Cyborg Sport’s Ultra Lean EAA $79.95

8. Headphones

What get’s you more motivated that some great tunes? The Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones offer great sound, are sweat and water-resistant and will stay put during even the most high-intensity exercises!

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones, $199

9. Gloves

You must protect those hands! G-Loves is a new active wear company that focuses on functional and fashionable gloves for the ladies during your weight training sessions. Besides the beautiful colors and variety of styles, they have inspirational mottos written inside to keep you empowered to reach your goals!

http://g-loves.com.au, $35 +