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  • No BS or Fluff just good old fashion hard work.
  • No restricted diets, work with us to build a plan to suit your lifestyle and gets results.
  • Choose from 3 different training options to suit your goals and schedule.
  • No boring training sessions with constant updates and program variations.

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Busy Guy
$99 Weekly

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3 x PTG Sessions

2 x XPT Sessions

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Monthy Nutritional Consultation

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Focused Guy
$119 Weekly

Getting stuck in!

4 x PTG Sessions

2 x XPT Sessions

1 x Strongman session

Monthly Assessment

Nutritional Guide

Monthly Nutritional consult

Extreme Guy

Getting Stuck In!

Busy Guy
$138 Weekly

No# 1 Priority

5 x PTG Sessions

Unlimited x XPT Sessions

Nutritional Guide

Monthly Assesments

Monthly Nutritional Consultation

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